The Final Day of the IFAD Supervision Mission: Celebrating Agricultural Transformations

On the final day of the IFAD Supervision mission field visit, the team’s journey took us to three remarkable production sites, each representing a significant milestone in the journey of the ROOTS initiative. These sites, located in the Central River Region North (CRRN), North Bank Region (NBR), and beyond, showcase the tangible results of sustainable interventions.

Barajally Tidal Rice Fields: A Vision Realized

In the Central River Region North (CRRN), the team visited the Barajally tidal rice fields, a prime example of success. These fields, as seen in the pictures depicting rice at the vegetative stage, have achieved a remarkable feat. Thanks to the ROOTS input support package, the tidal irrigated rice scheme in Barajally was able to produce two full seasons this year, both dry and rainy. This achievement underscores the immense impact of well-planned interventions in boosting agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.

Year-Round Abundance: Yalal Tankong Jala Vegetable Garden

The next stop was at the Yalal Tankong Jala vegetable garden. Here, beneficiaries have transitioned to year-round vegetable production, demonstrating the sustainability of the ROOTS initiative. One notable addition to these supported gardens is the construction of standard compost chambers. These chambers play a crucial role in enhancing soil fertility management and promoting the use of organic compost, reinforcing the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

New Horizons in Kinteh Kunda Janneh Ya Rice Fields

In North Bank Region (NBR), the mission explored the Kinteh Kunda Janneh Ya rice fields, as captured in the pictures of rice at the reproductive stage. This marked the first time of ROOTS intervention in this rainfed ecologies. The support provided included 50 hectares of ploughing services, 50 bags of rice seed, 150 bags of NPK fertilizer, and 100 bags of urea. These interventions are poised to bring about substantial gains this year, while also serving as a valuable learning experience to address challenges for future implementation.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Fatou Saidy Bah’s Success Story

The mission’s last destination was to meet Fatou Saidy Bah, a female beneficiary of the ROOTS Youth-Based Matching Grant. After receiving a milling machine and a tricycle from the project, Fatou has built a thriving business. Her success story includes employing two youths, contributing to employment opportunities, and planning to open another milling shop next year. Fatou Saidy Bah’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of targeted support and the entrepreneurial spirit of beneficiaries.

Celebrating Achievements, Looking Forward

The final day of the IFAD Supervision mission showcased the tangible outcomes of the ROOTS initiative. From successful rice cultivation in diverse ecological settings to year-round vegetable production and entrepreneurial empowerment, these interventions have ushered in lasting changes. As we conclude this mission, we celebrate the achievements and lessons learned, and we look forward to continuing our journey toward sustainable growth and development in agriculture. Stay tuned for further updates as we uncover more success stories from the ROOTS initiative.

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