Tracking Progress: NBR ROOTS Committee’s 2023 Project Monitoring

The NBR ROOTS Regional Steering Committee recently engaged in a comprehensive monitoring exercise, closely assessing the strides made in implementing the 2023 project initiatives. Delving into the details after their gathering on December 19th, 2023, the committee embarked on a day-long exploration.

Project Review and Monitoring by NBR ROOTS Committee

Their primary objective was to validate the effective execution of the outlined activities for the year. This involved meticulous scrutiny and direct engagement with the beneficiaries to comprehend the project’s impact.

Field Visits: Jurunku and Bakang Karantaba Rice Fields

The committee’s journey commenced with visits to Jurunku and Bakang Karantaba rice fields. Here, women had been recipients of the Rice Input Subsidy Program, experiencing firsthand the advantages of this initiative.

Empowering Youths: Kerewan’s Grant Beneficiary

Continuing their evaluation, the team extended its scrutiny to Kerewan, where a youth-based matching grant beneficiary awaited appraisal. This stop highlighted the project’s emphasis on nurturing and empowering the younger demographic.

Yallal Tankonjala ROOTS Garden: A Final Stop

The committee concluded their assessment at the Yallal Tankonjala ROOTS garden. This final destination served as a testament to the project’s comprehensive reach, encapsulating diverse sectors and communities within its scope.

The monitoring exercise was not solely focused on confirming the activities but also aimed to foster direct interactions with the beneficiaries. These engagements facilitated discussions surrounding the accomplishments achieved thus far, while also addressing the challenges encountered during the process.

This proactive approach ensures that the NBR ROOTS project remains aligned with its objectives, adapting dynamically to surmount obstacles while celebrating the milestones achieved in its pursuit of community empowerment and sustainable development.

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