Sutukoba Farmer Field School (FFS) members in session doing Botanical solutions preparation

The Sutukoba Farmer Field School (FFS) recently held an event focused on preparing botanical solutions for use in agriculture. The FFS is a learning center for Smallholder Farmers, where they can come to learn about best farming practices.

During the event, FFS members were seen in session, working on preparing botanical solutions using a variety of plants and herbs. These solutions are used as an alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers and are believed to be more environmentally friendly and safer for farmers to use.

The event was well-attended, with many farmers showing interest in learning about these alternative methods of pest and disease control. The FFS members demonstrated the process of preparing the solutions and provided guidance on how to effectively use them in the field.

Overall, the event was a success and provided valuable information to the farmers in attendance. The use of botanical solutions is an important aspect of sustainable agriculture, and the FFS is playing a crucial role in promoting their use among Smallholder Farmers.


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