ROOTS Youth-Based Matching Grant Round Two Award Ceremony

Today, the ROOTS project celebrated a significant milestone by awarding Matching Grants to 86 deserving youth applicants. This follows a rigorous selection process designed to identify the most qualified beneficiaries. The ROOTS Youth-Based Matching Grant aims to enhance agricultural productivity and create employment opportunities for young people across the country.

Empowering Youth Through Financial Support

The 86 successful applicants will each receive support of up to $7,500, approximately D500,000 per beneficiary at the current exchange rate. Beneficiaries are required to contribute 10% of the total amount, a maximum of D50,000. This contribution may be less depending on the requested amount, fostering a sense of ownership and promoting sustainability.

Supporting Diverse Agricultural Enterprises

Today’s grant awards support both startups and existing enterprises looking to expand. The awardees are categorized into the following sectors:

  • Mechanized Agriculture Services: 15 beneficiaries
  • Agro-Dealership: 23 beneficiaries
  • Food Processing: 8 beneficiaries
  • Agro-Transport Services: 13 beneficiaries
  • Agricultural Equipment Repair Workshops: 2 beneficiaries

Promoting Gender Equality and Regional Distribution

The distribution of the awards reflects a commitment to gender equality and regional inclusivity. Among the awardees, 35 are female, 37 are male, and 14 are youth groups, with 90% of these groups being female. Geographically, the beneficiaries come from various regions:

  • CRRN: 19 beneficiaries
  • NBR: 17 beneficiaries
  • LRR: 16 beneficiaries
  • URR: 12 beneficiaries
  • WCR: 11 beneficiaries
  • CRRS: 11 beneficiaries

Ensuring Sustainability Through Training and Mentorship

Beyond financial support, the ROOTS project will provide beneficiaries with comprehensive technical and entrepreneurship training. Additionally, mentorship services will be available to ensure the commercial viability and long-term sustainability of their enterprises.

A Promising Future for Young Agripreneurs

The ROOTS Youth-Based Matching Grant Round Two Award Ceremony marks a significant step in empowering young agripreneurs across the country. By providing financial support, training, and mentorship, the ROOTS project is fostering a new generation of agricultural leaders. These efforts will not only enhance agricultural productivity but also contribute to the broader economic development of the nation.

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