ROOTS National Learning Exchange Forum (NLEF) Empowers GALS and L&N Participants

Roots NLEF empowers GALS and L&N participants

The ROOTS National Learning Exchange Forum (NLEF) was recently held from March 15th to 17th, 2023 at the Kakuba Hotel in Kudang, Central River Region. The forum was specifically designed for participants of the GALS and Literacy & Numeracy programs.


Who Participated in the Forum?

A total of 57 participants attended the NLEF, including two participants from each of the 12 communities already implementing GALS and L&N programs, one participant from each of the 19 new communities, two participants from GALS and L&N IPs, RCUs (RCs and FA FO&CD), and PSU staff (PD, SCSAO, BDO, CDKM&CO, PM&EO, SIO).


Objectives of the Forum

The NLEF had four key objectives:

  1. Sharing Best Practices – Participants had an opportunity to learn and share best practices on the implementation of GALS and L&N programs among participating communities.
  2. Raising Awareness – The forum aimed to raise awareness about the GALS and L&N programs among new communities.
  3. Networking Opportunities – Participants had the chance to connect and exchange opinions with new participants, thereby creating opportunities for networking.
  4. Providing Recommendations – The NLEF provided recommendations and a way forward for better implementation of the GALS and L&N program.

Roots NLEF objectives



The ROOTS National Learning Exchange Forum was a huge success in empowering participants of the GALS and L&N programs. Through the sharing of best practices, raising awareness, creating networking opportunities, and providing recommendations, the forum aimed to improve the implementation of these programs. We hope that the participants will take what they learned at the NLEF and apply it to their communities to create positive change.

Roots forum

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