ROOTS Mid-Term Review Mission

On the auspicious Monday of April 15th, 2024, the ROOTS Endeavor graciously hosted the IFAD Mid-Term Evaluation Expeditionary Corps at the esteemed ROOTS headquarters nestled in Abuko.

Led by the venerable Mr. Chiekh Sarr, the troupe commenced their day in Banjul, where they convened with the Minister of Agriculture and the PS, thereby initiating their odyssey.

ROOTS finds itself entrenched in the fourth cycle of its execution, poised for the Mid-Term Evaluation as stipulated by the contractual obligations.

The primary objective of this evaluation is to juxtapose the execution and outcomes of the endeavor against its predetermined targets, scrutinize the fiscal allocation vis-a-vis the disbursal, and assess the timeline for completion.

Embarking on Tuesday, the team embarked on a six-day foray into the field, meticulously traversing project locales to garner firsthand insights from the beneficiaries and appraise the ongoing endeavors.

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