Revolutionizing Agricultural Sustainability: Signing Ceremony Marks Commencement of Community Vegetable Gardens Project

In a significant stride towards enhancing agricultural sustainability, the ROOTS project orchestrated a momentous signing ceremony this afternoon at its headquarters in Abuko, marking the commencement of works for twenty-two community vegetable gardens nationwide.

Empowering Communities: Firm Commitment to Agricultural Development

Multiple firms, including Heloica Energy, Bouvis Construction, and FMK Drilling, secured contracts for this transformative initiative. Heloica Energy and Bouvis Construction each clinched two slots, while FMK Drilling secured one, totaling four slots overall. These contracts encompass the construction of eight new gardens and the revitalization of fourteen existing ones, spanning various regions across the country.

Fostering Growth Across Regions: A Nationwide Endeavor

The forthcoming completion of these gardens holds promise for regional development, with four slated for completion in Central River Region North (CRRN), three in Upper River Region (URR), and one in North Bank Region (NBR). Additionally, rehabilitation efforts will focus on five gardens in West Coast Region (WCR), four in Upper River Region (URR), three in Lower River Region (LRR), and two in Central River Region South (CRRS).

Timely Execution: Ensuring Productivity by November

With a contractual timeline of six months, these endeavors aim to expedite garden development, ensuring operational readiness by November. The expeditious execution underscores a concerted effort to bolster agricultural productivity and empower local communities.

Distinguished Presence: Stakeholders Unite for Agricultural Advancement

The signing ceremony attracted esteemed dignitaries, including the Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Demba Sabally, alongside representatives from various government departments such as Agriculture, Corporate Development, and Horticulture Technical Services. Additionally, key stakeholders from Gamworks and beneficiaries graced the occasion, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving this initiative forward.

Immediate Action: Transitioning from Blueprint to Reality

Following the ceremony, sites earmarked for garden development will swiftly transition into active construction zones, marking the onset of tangible progress towards sustainable agricultural practices.


The signing ceremony for the ROOTS project’s community vegetable gardens signifies a pivotal moment in the nation’s agricultural landscape. With a firm commitment from stakeholders and the onset of construction, these initiatives herald a new era of agricultural sustainability and community empowerment across the country.

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