No one is left behind Differently-abled persons are among the Beneficiaries of ROOTS

People who are more socially included are less likely to face discrimination-related hardships and are also less likely to encounter discrimination in the first place, which increases their ability to find employment, work longer hours, and contribute to the economy as a whole.
Many people with disabilities desire to work, and thousands could start their own businesses if they could expand their skill sets and get funding. To turn their entrepreneurial ideas into real, workable firms, potential entrepreneurs with disabilities require resources, assets, and assistance.
15% of the world’s population, or one billion individuals, are disabled in some way. In general, people with impairments are more likely than people without disabilities to face negative socioeconomic results.
One of the aims of the ROOTS program is to accelerate opportunities for people with disabilities in order to create a socially inclusive environment for everyone.

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