National Steering Committee of the ROOTS Project Conducts Field Visit to Monitor Implementation Progress

The National Steering Committee (NSC) of the ROOTS Project embarked on a comprehensive five-day field visit to project implementation sites from Monday, May 15, 2023. This crucial visit aimed to gather first-hand information and assess the progress of implementation across various locations. Led by senior government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant departments, the committee covered the West Coast Region and concluded their visit in the North Bank Region.

Gaining Insights and Monitoring Progress

The Objective of the NSC’s Field Visit

The primary objective of this mission was to acquire direct insights into the ongoing implementation of the ROOTS Project. By physically visiting the project sites, the committee sought to evaluate the progress made and ensure efficient execution of the initiative. The NSC, composed of representatives from esteemed government bodies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Department of Water Resources, National Environment Agency, Children and Social Welfare, NACOFAG, and the 4P Consultancy team, aimed to proactively engage with the beneficiaries and obtain crucial information regarding the project’s development.

The Distinguished Committee Members

Composition of the Team

The NSC field visit comprised a distinguished group of senior government officials, demonstrating the commitment to successful project implementation. The Deputy Permanent Secretary Projects and Programs at the Ministry of Agriculture held the position of the head of mission. Alongside them were representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Water Resources, the National Environment Agency, Children and Social Welfare, NACOFAG, and the 4P Consultancy team. This diverse group brought together expertise from various sectors to ensure comprehensive oversight.

Exploring Project Intervention Sites

Assessing Key Areas of the Project

During the field visit, the NSC focused on assessing various aspects of the ROOTS Project. The committee visited project intervention sites, enabling them to evaluate the implementation progress firsthand. Additionally, they observed the development of Youth-Based Matching Grant beneficiaries, Cold Storage Facilities, Vegetable Gardens nearing completion, Gender Action Learning System, and communities engaged in Literacy & Numeracy training.

Strengthening Project Implementation Oversight

Enhancing Project Implementation through Oversight

The National Steering Committee plays a vital role in overseeing the implementation of the ROOTS Project. Recognizing the significance of their role, the committee actively engages with project beneficiaries during field visits. By personally interacting with the individuals and communities involved, the NSC gains valuable insights into the challenges faced, progress achieved, and necessary improvements. This direct engagement enables the committee to make informed decisions and address any bottlenecks promptly, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of project implementation.


The recent field visit conducted by the National Steering Committee of the ROOTS Project underscores the commitment to monitoring and ensuring the successful implementation of the initiative. By visiting project sites and engaging with beneficiaries, the committee gains first-hand information, assesses progress, and identifies areas for improvement. This proactive approach strengthens the oversight of the project, facilitating its timely completion and delivering positive outcomes for the communities involved. The NSC’s dedication to their oversight mandate paves the way for a more sustainable and impactful implementation of the ROOTS Project.

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