The annual event initiated under the purview of the horticulture technical services unit will strengthen farmers’ potential in producing more for the food security of the Gambia. The series of activities notably the competition among farmers and producers which is preceded by the award of prices gives enthusiasm to farmers and extension workers to work harder for upcoming events.

Series of programs involving the training of women on land acquisition in Pakalinding and Njawara training centers, sponsored by Nema, training on power tiller operations to make farmers drudgery free especially women in their gardens for the 21 Gcav sponsored gardens in the NBR and the WESTCOAST However, in transforming the horticulture sector from subsistence into a commercialize sector. One of the key factors should be the primary focus of the agriculture sector and projects:

Building more markets across the length and breadth of the country in major communities in the Gambia, that are accessible to many.

The building of cold stores should be a major agenda to consider without much delay. Moreover, more farmers should be trained in processing to prevent post-harvest handling.

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