Improving Rice Production in The Gambia: The ROOTS Project Provides Ploughing Services to Smallholder Farmers

ploughing service in sukuta and barajally

The ROOTS project is playing a crucial role in enhancing rice production in The Gambia by providing ploughing services to smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth in the Sukuta and Barajally areas of the tidal rice growing schemes in the Central River Region. By improving agricultural productivity, the project aims to enhance food security, reduce poverty, and improve the livelihoods of farmers in the region.


plough service

Boosting Agricultural Productivity

The ROOTS project recognizes the importance of enhancing agricultural productivity for sustainable development in The Gambia. Through the provision of ploughing services, the project seeks to increase agricultural productivity, especially among smallholder farmers, who are the backbone of the country’s agriculture sector. By using modern ploughing techniques, smallholder farmers can ensure that their crops are planted uniformly and efficiently, leading to higher crop yields and increased productivity.

However, many smallholder farmers in The Gambia lack access to modern ploughing equipment, which can be expensive and challenging to maintain. As a result, they often rely on manual labor, which can be less efficient and time-consuming.


Extending Support to Jahally and Pacharr

The ROOTS project has extended its support to smallholder farmers in the Jahally and Pacharr areas of the Central River Region to reach more farmers and maximize the impact of its initiatives. This initiative will contribute to the agricultural growth of the country and support national development and food security.


The ROOTS project is making a significant contribution to enhancing agricultural productivity in The Gambia. By providing ploughing services and implementing capacity-building programs for youth and women in the agriculture sector, the project is improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and promoting sustainable development. The project’s focus on empowering women and youth and enhancing food security has the potential to create a lasting impact on agriculture in The Gambia and beyond.

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