Handing over ceremony of Cold Storage Facility to Contractor

Last week (Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th May 2022) ROOTS project handed over three sites to Afro-Works Company Ltd for the construction of Cold Storage Facilities.
The project aims at constructing fifteen Cold Storage Facilities (CSF) across the country, however, the project plans to establish three CSFs in collaboration with marketing federations through a matching grant for this year.
Consultations were done last year with all the six Marketing Federations and three were awarded namely: Sofanaiama in LRR, Heewal in CRRN and Nematoulie in URR. The sites handed over were Kaur, Basse and Jarra Soma respectively.
The objective of the handing-over ceremony is to formally handover the sites to the Contractor as well as initiate the construction works and for all parties to know the clauses in the contract, especially the beneficiaries. It was meant to directly engage the Marketing Federations to support the works (contract management) and to also engage them on the management and sustainability of the Cold Storage Facilities.
The handing-over in Soma was attended by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture Dr. Demba Sabally, the DPS Projects and Programs and the CPCU Coordinator among others.

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