Smallholder farmers make up the majority of those living in poverty. They are often unable to produce enough food to meet their own needs. This leaves them struggling to break out of poverty.

Additionally, they have been experiencing a double threat that is higher costs and reduced incomes resulting from the global food price crisis, and a lack of agricultural products such as seeds, Manures, Fertilizers, Biocides, and agricultural marketing. As a result, a lot are struggling to make a living, and many are losing inspiration to go back to the farms.


The main goal of the ROOTS is to improve food security, nutrition, and resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change in the Gambia. Our dedication to starting participatory approaches in promoting sustainable development initiatives is driven by our commitment to embracing sustainable farming practices to improve livelihoods, combat climate change, and alleviate poverty.

This video highlights the testimonies of some of the beneficiaries of the ROOTS project. They shared their stories on how the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected them and how they’ve benefited from the project.

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