Day 3 of the IFAD Supervision Mission: Empowering Communities and Ensuring Sustainability

The IFAD Supervision mission’s field visit on Day 3 continued to uncover the positive changes and empowerment resulting from the ROOTS initiative. The journey led us to significant sites in the Upper River Region (URR) and offered insights into the sustainable growth and development taking place.

Handing Over Hope: Nematoulie Cold Storage Facility

Day 3 began with a visit to the Nematoulie cold storage facility in Basse, URR, which stands ready for handing over to its beneficiaries. This state-of-the-art cold storage facility is a beacon of hope for the community, ensuring that agricultural produce is preserved efficiently and that the benefits of the harvest are maximized.

Fostering Rice Production in Basse Cluster

The team then proceeded to the Basse Cluster Rice, which has been a significant beneficiary of the ROOTS Subsidized Input Support Program. The cluster received substantial support, including 20 hectares of ploughing services, 108 bags of NPK fertilizer, 54 bags of UREA, and 27 bags of certified rice seed. These interventions have played a pivotal role in enhancing rice production, contributing to food security, and uplifting the local agricultural landscape.

Empowering Women at Sutukoba Women’s Garden

Next on the journey was the Sutukoba Women’s Garden, where women are actively preparing for dry season vegetable production. This site not only fosters agricultural sustainability but also empowers women to actively participate in food production and income generation, promoting gender equality and community development.

Resurrecting Agricultural Potential: Garawol Community

The mission’s next stop was at Garawol, a community that had faced challenges with a site that had been abandoned in recent years. The ROOTS initiative stepped in with support, providing 25 hectares of ploughing services, 300 bags of NPK fertilizer, 150 bags of UREA, and 75 bags of seed. Additionally, the women of the community received separate support, with 50 bags of UREA and 100 bags of NPK for another site. This comprehensive assistance is expected to result in a bumper harvest for both sites in just two weeks’ time, showcasing the power of strategic interventions and community support.

Continuing the Journey of Transformation

Day 3 of the IFAD Supervision mission emphasized the ROOTS initiative’s commitment to creating lasting changes and empowerment in the agricultural sector. As the mission progresses, we anticipate more stories of growth and transformation from various regions, demonstrating that well-planned interventions can have a profound and sustainable impact. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to uncover the positive changes brought about by the ROOTS initiative.

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