Day 2 of the IFAD Supervision Mission: Uncovering Impact and Empowerment

The second day of the IFAD Supervision mission field visit unfolded with a series of remarkable encounters, underscoring the transformative power of the ROOTS initiative. This day’s journey took us to various sites in the Lower River Region (LRR) and Central River Region South (CRR South), offering new perspectives on the project’s impact.

Youth Empowerment and Community Support

The day commenced with a visit to Karamba Drammeh of Konkoba Farm in Tendaba, LRR. Karamba is a Youth-Based Matching Grant beneficiary who received a milling machine and a power tiller. These invaluable tools have empowered him to provide ploughing services to eight communities within LRR during this year’s rainy season rice production. Moreover, Karamba’s success story extends to job creation, as he has employed two youths as power tiller operators, contributing to the region’s employment opportunities.

Roots of Agricultural Transformation: Genieri Village

Following Karamba’s inspiring journey, the team proceeded to Genieri village, a participant in the ROOTS Subsidized Input Support Program. Genieri village received substantial support from the ROOTS project, including ploughing services covering 24.6 hectares, a fertilizer allotment of 15,000 kilograms, and 2,500 kilograms of certified seeds. This support has catalyzed agricultural productivity and sustainability in the community, fostering food security in the region.

Mitigating Post-Harvest Losses: Cold Storage Facilities

In LRR, the IFAD Supervision mission also visited the Cold Storage facility built by ROOTS for the Sofanaiama Marketing Federations. This critical infrastructure serves a pivotal role in reducing post-harvest losses, preserving the quality of agricultural produce, and ensuring that the benefits of the harvest are fully realized. Sofanaiama Marketing Federations also played a crucial role in establishing the vegetable Agricultural Value Chain Platform (AVIP), strengthening the local agricultural ecosystem.

Empowering Communities in CRR South

Continuing their journey, the team proceeded to Sapu in CRR South, where they met members of another established AVIP platform. The establishment of these AVIPs is a testament to the sustainable approach of the ROOTS initiative in promoting agricultural development. These platforms empower communities, enhance market access, and foster collaborative efforts in the agricultural sector.

Culminating the Visit: Sololo Mandinka Vegetable Garden

The day concluded with a visit to the Sololo Mandinka vegetable garden, which was completed by the ROOTS project. This garden represents a thriving hub of agricultural activity and community engagement. It showcases the positive outcomes that can be achieved through concerted efforts, sustainable interventions, and community participation.

Continuing the Journey

Day 2 of the IFAD Supervision mission highlighted the far-reaching impact of the ROOTS initiative, from youth empowerment to community development and sustainable agriculture. As the mission proceeds, we anticipate more stories of transformation and growth from diverse settings, demonstrating that well-planned interventions can create a brighter future for communities and regions in need. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to uncover the positive changes brought about by the ROOTS initiative.

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