Component 2 – Access to markets

Component 2. Access to markets:

The outcome of this component is “inclusive commercial partnerships between strengthened FOs and buyers through public-private producers’ partnerships”.

Sub-component 2.1
will focus on value chain and market linkages. It will finance:

(i) agricultural value-chain interaction platforms (AVIPs)– one rice AVIP and one vegetable AVIP will be established in each region targeted by the project with key value-chain stakeholders (producers, processors, traders, transporters) and the voice-based market information system introduced by NEMA will be scaled-up;

(ii) capacity development of the National Coordinating Organization for Farmer Association in The Gambia (NACOFAG) as well as the national commodity organizations of food processors, rice and vegetable growers; and

(iii) the construction of markets and roads.

Sub-component 2.2
will support business ideas of4Ps, particularly those focused on post-harvest and value addition elements. The Project will ensure that:

(i) FOs and SMEs prepare high-quality business plans with a particular focus on women-led FOs and SMEs; and

(ii) matching grant resources are efficiently mobilized and utilized. As a pilot, and after the mid-term review, matching grant funds will be blended with potential private capital from the Gambian diaspora; and

(iii) post-investment business support is available to sustain the 4Ps, through linking the SMEs to specialized business development services, including certification and food safety standard.